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Book Nook

The Book Nook is now Open!

Hours of Operation

Monday: 9 am–4 pm
Tuesday: 9 am–4 pm
Wednesday: 9 am–4 pm
Thursday: 9 am–4 pm
Friday: 9 am–4 pm
Saturday: 9 am–4 pm
Sunday: Closed

The Library Foundation offers the “Book Nook,” a convenient, well-stocked bookstore selling some new and many nearly new books for readers. With space for over 3,000 volumes: paperbacks, hardbound, best sellers, art books, audio books, magazines and more the Book Nook is a perfect stop on your next visit. The Book Nook is the place to buy books for gifts, books for grandchildren, books for travel, and books you have wanted to read. The Book Nook is staffed by an energetic and helpful group of volunteers who love their work, their customers, and their books!

Book Nook books come directly from gifts made by generous residents. The annual overhead costs for running the Book Nook are $0. Every Book Nook purchase that you make goes directly to the Foundation for new books and media for the collection, for programming, and for the Children’s Summer Reading Club.

If volunteering at the Book Nook interests you, click here for more information. If you would like to contribute good new or used books to the Book Nook, please visit the Library during regular hours. Library staff is available to unload your car and to provide a receipt for your gift.

Donating to the Library:

We will gladly accept up to 3 bankers boxes of donated items each day.  Larger boxes may not be accepted as they can be very difficult or awkward to carry and move.  We may not be able to immediately give you back the box in which you bring your donations.  We accept donations whenever we are open.  Please do not leave donations when staff and volunteers are not present.

Please call us ahead of time (760-341-7323) if you have any questions about donating materials.


Items that we accept as donations:

  • Fiction Books
  • Nonfiction Books
  • Children’s Books (fiction, nonfiction, board books, etc.)
  • DVDs
  • LP Records / Vinyl


Items must be free of mildew, mold, excessive dust and dirt. In addition, books cannot have water damage, nor should they exhibit excessive spine damage, have missing pages or missing covers.


Items that we do not accept as donations:

  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Tax forms or booklets
  • VHS Cassettes
  • Audio Tapes
  • Yearbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Procedural Law Books
  • Duplicate Copies (in excess of 5 copies of a title)
  • Unsellable Editions (review/not for sale copies)
  • Newspapers
  • Directories
  • Phone Books
  • National Geographic Magazine
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