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Palm Desert artist
Ronald Backer
paints “yesterday’s happenings with today’s
imagination.” Through his research of both documented facts and local legends,
as well as his vivid imagination, he portrays the American pioneering spirit on the
frontier plains and in the cities and small towns that sprang up as part of our
western development.
Ronald Backer grew up in southeastern South Dakota, a land rich in historical
events. His many narrative historical paintings depicting the Lewis and Clark
expedition as well other paintings earned him induction into the South Dakota
Hall of Fame in 1996 as an “Artist of the Year.” He recently began concentrating
his artistic eye on the Coachella Valley, producing paintings of desert history,
landscape, and culture that are reminiscent of the murals of the WPA Federal Arts
Project. His works have been exhibited at the Palm Desert Community Gallery and
the Coachella Valley Historic Museum.
“Bringing to Life Historical Coachella Valley”
This exhibit will be on display in the Annenberg Reading Room and the Reference Room from April 1–April 30.
Little Green Schoolhouse
Polo at the Airport
Presented by the Rancho Mirage Public Library Foundation
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